Linux下 如何使用(UBUNTU为例)

Create VPN connection
1. Open Network Connections manager.

2. Click on VPN tab, and then click on Add button to create new VPN connection.

3. Choose Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) for VPN Connection Type, and click on Create... button.

4. Click on VPN tab and set the following parameters:
     Connection name: Astrill     Gateway: VIP.5UF.CC     User name: YOUR 5UFACCOUNT EMAIL     Password:YOUR 5UF ACCOUNT PASSWORD     Tick on check-box: Available to all users
Click on Advanced... button.
You can find complete server list here: 我的服务器

5. Select the following options like you see in the screen below:
     Tick on check-box: MSCHAP     Tick on check-box: MSCHAPv2     Tick on check-box: Use Point-to-Point encryption (MPPE)     Security: 128-bit (most secure)     Tick on check-box: Allow stateful encryption     Tick on check-box: Send PPP echo packets
Click on OK button, and then click on Save... button.

Test VPN connection
6. From task-bar, click on network icon. From there select VPN Connections and then select Astrill to start PPTP VPN connection.

7. You will see this 2 indications that VPN connection was successfully established.


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